Important Dates for March

  • March 7th—8th
    • Final Exams: Student dismissal at 11:30 a.m.
  • March 18th
    • Start of 4th quarter
  • March 11th—15th
    • No School – spring break
  • March 23rd
    • ACT Prep at Lincoln High 8:30 a.m. – noon
  • March 24th
    • ACT Prep at Lincoln High noon – 3:30 p.m.


  • Soccer Contests at UBT Stadium: All spectators will enter and sit on the stadium’s east side.
  • Baseball Contests at LNW: All spectators will park and enter on the east side by the baseball field.
  • Spring weather tends to be unpredictable. Please check our activities calendar at or download the rSchool Activity Scheduler app for schedule updates.

Computing Services

Testing Season is upon us!

It’s said a body needs 8 hours of sleep every night. That’s especially true during the testing season. Student Chromebooks also need a good night of charging. Please help your students remember to bring their Chromebooks fully charged every day.

Walled Garden

There are many “layers” of digital protections that follow your student as they progress through their life in LPS. Informed by federal/state laws and guided by LPS Board of Education policies, the District builds a digital “walled garden” where students can collaborate with peers and teachers while also keeping their data secure.

Learn more about how your student’s data privacy is protected here:

Counseling Center

SENIOR Government & Politics Service Learning Hours

All SENIORS who took Government & Politics during 1st semester (Quarter 1 or Quarter 2) must complete the required service learning project by the end of this quarter (Q3) if they still need to do so This project could include volunteer hours, but other options are also available to students. Please check with your child or their school counselor to be sure this LPS graduation requirement is complete.

FAFSA Announcement

Federal Student Aid has announced that the FAFSA processing will be delayed until March. What this means for families:

  • FAFSA Submission Summaries will be available in the first half of March.
  • Colleges will not receive information until March, so financial aid offers will be delayed until April or May.

If you’re applying for need-based scholarships, keep track of the two items listed below, as they will be all you have available to prove financial need until your FAFSA Submission Summary is ready. These documents must include the student’s first and last name and Student Aid Index (SAI).

  • PDF of the FAFSA confirmation page. View a sample
  • PDF of the confirmation email (subject: We’ve Received Your FAFSA Form). View a sample

Visit the EducationQuest website for more information about the FAFSA.

Graduation Cap and Gown F/R Order Click Here for Senior Information

SCIP Newsletter

SCIP provides prevention, education, and early intervention services. We recognize that a child’s behavioral health needs must be addressed early on-set rather than waiting until they have progressed to a more critical level and are more challenging to address. For more information about SCIP, contact Kelsey Dady, our SCIP coordinator, at

Focus Programs

LPS has a number of Information Nights and Open Houses for our Focus Programs in the coming months. 


2023-2024 yearbooks are now on sale for $60.  The price increases after term one, so get your book now!  Feel free to send us your school-related photos by going to this LINK. The access code to upload pictures is LNW Falcons.

Listen up, SENIOR families! If you want to submit a senior photo for your student, go to the following LINK and upload that photo to the district office.  Those photos will then be shared with the yearbook staff to put into the yearbook.  The deadline for that photo is October 31st.

SENIOR ads are in full swing.  If you would like to dedicate a portion of the yearbook to your graduating senior, please complete the following FORM.

The deadline for senior tributes is Dec. 1st.